Nomad Brewing/ Cigar City Berry Cubana


I gotta say, this thing was sold to me when i saw the name ‘Cigar City’ on the label. For those unaware of the Cigar City brand, they are basically Florida legends specialising in the local flavour: tobacco and latino culture. This comes out in all of their brews in brilliant style, one that particularly sticks out for me was a collab they did with Amager Bryghus. Rich cigar tobacco, cherry wood, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Complex and dry.
This brew in particular continues on Nomads recent run of collaborations from Good Beer Week, with brewing heavy weights such as Birra Del Borgo and Victory also contributing to the collar run. This brew once again aims to be true to local produce, using Riberry in the brewing process. Used as a bush food, riberry is a rich and spicy red fruit reminiscent of cranberry, cinnamon and clove. Sounds perfect for a brown ale!

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 30
From: Low Buy Liquor, Lilydale

Pours a dark brown with touches of deep amber and a fluffy, compact light brown head.

On The Nose:
Plenty of burnt caramel on the nose with fresh roasted coffee, toffee, roasted cocoa and touches of clove. As it starts to come to room temperature I’m getting light sweet red fruit characters: think cranberry, redcurrant and red cherries. Nose finishes with a pithy, tobacco dryness reminiscent of lime and grapefruit.

Palate is packed with tasty, roasty malt characters: roasted coffee, bitter dark chocolate (I’m talking the proper 90% stuff…), burnt toffee and cedar/ cherry wood characters. Getting notes of dried red fruits such as our old friend cranberry and touches of cherry and raisin. Lingering sweet spices tie the palate all together delivering a medium body: clove, nutmeg and candied ginger finishing off bone dry.

Final Thoughts:
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to cruise Miami, Florida in a Cadillac with a big, rich stogie? I’d kinda imagine it’s like this beer…A seriously dry, complex brown ale. It was a really interesting brew to watch change over time and see it develop. The addition of the riberry provides a much needed touch of sweetness: cinnamon, clove and red fruits play off tobacco, cedar and dry roasted coffee. A fantastic collaboration as you can really see the touches of both the brewers and that’s what should be at the heart of every shared brew. Seriously tasty.


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