Exit #005 Amber Ale


Seeing new stuff from Exit is always exciting and you are always assured some serious quality. Fraser and Grum have done a huge amount of ground work, resulting in one of Melbourne’s best and brightest when it comes to quality brewing. I think the thing I love most about them is that they have set out to cover all styles, they aren’t focusing on anything specific. Brilliant, solid, well balanced representations of styles is what you get here, all of them seriously tasty. Let’s see what number 5 has in store for us…

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.6%


From: Low Buy Liquor, Lilydale


Pours a deep burnt orange with off white, fluffy head.

On The Nose:

Packed full of dry hop goodness on the nose: lots of candied orange zest and burnt orange, floral citrus blossom, melon and tonnes of red fruits with malty biscuit notes in the background along with white pepper and clove.


Not a huge amount of fruit sweetness on the palate but plenty of cracking malt, great bitters and a soft, light mouthfeel. Lots of malty, toffee sweetness up front with roasted nuts, toast and light espresso bitters followed by some light citrus notes: think orange blossom, subtle grapefruit and candied orange zest with notes of chewy red fruits. Finishes fairly clean with medium bitters in the end.


This is a fantastic addition to the Exit line up. A brilliant balance of malt and hops, there is no struggle between them, it is very harmonious for an amber. Plenty of dry hopping makes the nose pop brilliantly then balances out with sweet toffee malts. Brilliant take on the style, usually Ambers don’t do it for me but this is a massive, massive exception. Great work boys.


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