Kaiju!! RoboHop


Who would of thought? A summer brew from Kaiju!! For those that are unfamiliar with their work let me tell you this: with any of their previous brews, if it doesn’t feel like you’ve got a mouthful of sticky pine needles and pine resin assaulting your every sense, your drinking Kaiju… Let me be very clear, this is a compliment in every sense. They are true kings of the hardcore IPA, boasting impressive hop profiles and sticking it to the IPA establishment with awesome Double IPA’s. Who knows what’s in store with a Golden IPA from Kaiju? Let’s have a look, sure to be a cracker…

Style: Golden IPA

ABV: 5.7%


From Where: Low Buy, Lilydale

Brewed in: Prahran, VIC


Pours a lovely golden orange with generous, fluffy white head.

On The Nose:

Getting tonnes of fresh stone fruits, lemon pith, fleshy grapefruit and lime juice with plenty of tangy tropical fruits: pineapple, melon and notes of passionfruit blossom. Finishing in freshly cut grass, leafy characters.


The palate is packed with delicious, sweet, tangy tropical fruits and fresh stone fruits. Deep, lengthy layers of acidic pineapple, melon, juicy mango, honeydew, fresh apricot and tasty, sweet nectarine. The finish is crisp with light cereal notes, seriously dry and ridiculously refreshing with a clean, medium finish.

Final Thoughts:

This is Kaijus’ closest thing to a summer lovin’, feel good, quaffable brew as I have ever tasted. It’s usually all chewy resin and pine with serious bitterness but this is freaking delicious in a way I never thought Kaiju would go. Sure, the classic Kaiju bitters are there but there is so much more than that: so fresh, fruity and brilliantly dry with amazing freshness. This could be seriously dangerous on tap, that 5.7% is hidden extremely well. A brilliant IPA for a sunny summer day.


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