3 Ravens USB


It was an exciting day when I heard this brew would see the light of day again. As is now common knowledge, a few years ago 3 Ravens as we know it was on the brink of no longer existing but at the last moment was bought up by Mash Brewing and all limited release brews were put on hold until it got back off the ground.  And boy howdy did it: what followed was a pretty brilliant 2014 for them, snatching up the award for Champion Small Australian Brewery and releasing some stunning beers: my favourite for the year is still The Druid, their Belgian Quad aged in PX barrels. You can see my review of that here. But about the beer: this is basically their ESB but on performance enhancing drugs, hence Uber. And using the word Uber sums this up pretty well…

Style: Strong English Bitter

ABV: 6.1%


Got it from: Low Buy, Lilydale


Pours a beautiful copper amber red with fluffy off white head.

On The Nose:

The aroma is incredibly malt driven (unsurprisingly): The thing that jumps out straight away for me is an ANZAC biscuit quality: oats, honey, golden syrup and a delicious fresh baked biscuit note. Getting light notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, spicy candied ginger and boozy raisin with dark fruits.


Classic English strong ale in the palate with uber malt. Lots of honey, toffee and sticky caramel with lots of fresh rolled oats, hazelnut, walnut, almonds and dried coconut. The mouthfeel is like sticky, coating golden syrup with very fine bitters finishing it off. Getting some sticky stewed fruits in there too: apricot, raisin, cherry and currant.

Final Thoughts:

This is an absolutely fantastic ode to the classic English Strong Ale. 3 Ravens have treated this style with the upmost respect and have done it so much justice you could easily say this could sit in an English pub on a hand pump and know one would know it was brewed in Melbourne, it’s that good. Classic oatmeal, golden syrup, treacle and plenty of toasted nuts with fine bitters and stewed fruit sweetness. An absolute winner.


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