Brew Cult Can’t Fight The Funk Farmhouse IPA


Style: Farmhouse IPA

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 50

Where to get it: Low Buy Liquor, Lilydale

This rather beautiful looking beer is the first in the Brewcult ‘Psychedelic’ series, just recently re- brewed and re- released for a limited time. Very happy to have gotten a hold of one of Hendo’s brilliant beers. Hendo is known as a rather colourful character and that is something that really shows itself in all of his brewing endeavours: Beers with character, great flavour and just off- beat enough to give any craft beer nerd a beer- ection… Basically what we’ve got here is a rather delicious take on the American IPA with saison yeast thrown in and a generous new world hopping and old school brewing techniques. Lets see what is in store with Can’t Fight The Funk…


Pours a brilliant copper orange with generous white fluffy head.

On The Nose:

The nose is a brilliant, effervescent smorgesbord of juicy stone fruits and tangy citrus. Getting stacks of ripe peach, fresh, mouth watering apricot and zesty mandarin. Layers of lime zest and fresh grapefruit juice accompanying notes of sweet turkish delight, juniper, bramble and sweet spices.


Palate is fresh and juicy with heaps of fruit sweetness balanced out with cracking, lingering bitterness in the background. Getting lots of white nectarine, ripe peaches fresh mango and lots of honey dew melon and cantaloupe with sweet, sticky stewed fruits and raisins. Finishing in a drying white wine vinous note with plenty of lime juice and sticky, floral resin bitterness. Getting light notes of cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg.

Final Thoughts:

What we’ve got here folks is the feel good hit of the summer…When I first drank this I could of sworn it was a white IPA: alcohol is hidden brilliantly by all the juicy fruit sweetness, sticky stewed stone fruits and crisp citrus acidity. A fantastic white wine quality through out: fresh, crisp and juicy with brilliant lingering sweet spices and plenty of citrus zest. Very fresh, very tasty and classic Hendo…


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