Squealer Sunday!! presents Doctors Orders Prescription12


I’m a little obsessed with these guys at the moment. Unfortunately I have not seen a great deal in bottle but luckily Tru Bru always has a healthy stock of their various brews. Ever since I had their Plasma White IPA and discovered just how interestingly out of left field their brewing style is, I could not help but want to try the whole range. Now comes Prescription12, a mish mash of styles that in your head you think will come together harmoniously but you can only tell once you have sampled…

Style: Belgian Black IPA

ABV: 7.6%


$$: $13


Pours a pretty jet black sheen with deep brown tinges in the corners. Generous, fluffy off white head.

On The Nose:

Some serious layers going on with its rather intricate style. First off the cap is some fantastic toasty notes and the Belgian yeasts: banana, bubblegum and sweet spices. Once you overcome the toast characters you will find some juicy black berry, black currant, bramble and sweet red fruits with juicy, zesty orange; fantastic sweetness.  Getting hints of cherry ripe too with light tobacco notes.


The palate is crazily intricate, layered and complex. The mouthfeel is full and rich with fantastic lingering bitterness that just keeps going, just stunning! I didn’t want it to end… Getting lots of fruit sweetness with plenty of stewed black fruits, fresh raspberries, dried cranberries and candied orange zest. Lots of juicy peach, pineapple and ripe, juicy mango. Finishing in lots of dry, dark cocoa, roasted pecan and hazelnut, toasty cedar and delicate resin.

Final Thoughts:

This beer possesses every aspect of its rather interesting style. The nose has plenty of interesting Belgian yeast notes, sticky fruit characters and roast notes. Palate is a similar story of juicy, zesty orange, red fruits and black currants finishing in dry cocoa and light, leafy tobacco. Doctors Orders are truly genius, my obsession continues…


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