La Sirene Wild Saison


There is a certain amount of mystique surrounding La Sirene at the moment. After taking out the top spot this year at GABS, taking out the Peoples Choice Award with Praline, they have been on the up and up ever since. I suppose the thing thats making them really stand out at the moment is their fantastic French/ Belgian style brewing, wild yeasts, sours and Saisons. No one in Australia is really doing this kind of brewing exclusively and that just excites me and makes me want more and more of these guys. Bring on the Belgian I say…

Style: Wild Saison

ABV: 6.5%


$$: $10


Pours a bright yet hazy lemon orange with generous white fluffy head.

On The Nose:

The nose is serious zesty funk with funky malic flint notes, sweet candy apple, stewed peach and apricot, fresh mango and sweet, sticky melon.  Finding lots of poached pears, baked red plums and sweet red fruits with dried prune and baked citrus. Lingering sweet spices of nutmeg, cloves and candied ginger too. Just brilliant: amazing florals, incredible aromatics and fantastically zesty. Unlike anything i’ve ever smelled.


The palate is brilliantly sour and refreshing. Getting lots of grapefruit juice, orange zest and lime along with fresh juicy peach, apricot and mouth watering mango with drying malic acid and pear. Getting some interesting oaky notes too: fresh butter, toast, pastry and vanilla with some classic farmhouse- y cereal, forest floor and lees notes. Sweet cinnamon, ginger and cloves too with great puckering, mouth watering mouthfeel.

Final Thoughts:

The beer is very much what the name suggests: wild. Brilliantly balanced with fantastic florals, juicy stone fruits, baked citrus and luscious tropical fruits with lovely drying cereal, flint and apple/ pear malic acid notes. To me, La Sirene could very easily sit amongst the great sour/ farmhouse producers in the world, going toe to toe with the likes of Rodenbach and Saison Dupont. Keep an eye out because these guys are going all the way to the top.


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