Squealer Sunday!! presents Doctors Orders Plasma White IPA


Ever since GABS I’ve been dying to get my hands on Sydney produced Doctors Orders. Their Electrolyte Forte, an Imperial Gose, was an absolute highlight for me for the entire festival. I was hooked from the first sip, sitting at 7.5% it was extremely sessionable and very fruit driven: packed with blue berries, strawberries and great refreshing sour finish. When I saw this on the Tru Bru list i thought, “Finally! I can finally have some Doctors Orders!” The doctor is in people, and he is good.

Style: White IPA

ABV: 7.6%


$$: $18


Pours a golden straw lemon colour with fine, white fluffy head.

On The Nose:

Lots of soft, juicy stone fruit straight up with lingering lemon zest in the background. Getting stacks of stewed pineapple, honey suckle and eldarflower too with sweet vinous notes. Also boasts some impressive grapefruit character, candied lime and orange sherbet. Quite the complex array…


The palate is crazily fresh, crisp and juicy with lots of grapefruit pulp, candied orange rind and fantastic tropical fruit juice notes. The mouthfeel is fantastic: crisp, great lingering bitters and tantalising acidity which is all about crackingly fresh citrus. Getting smacks of passionfruit, mango, black fruits and green apple. So fresh, so yum.

Final Thoughts:

This is unlike any other IPA I have had the privilege of sampling. There are plenty of bitters there that you would associate with IPA, bit it is balanced fantastically balanced with fruit sweetness. I’m getting no alcohol here, except by the end when it’s too late…. I’ve got a lovely buzz going thanks to the 7.6% alcohol. This is a fantastic IPA and so sessionable, so easy despite the alcohol. Doctors Orders, you are brilliant. If I ever see your stuff down Melbourne way, you have a sale in me…


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