Moon Dog Black Lung IV


The Black Lung  has had a few incarnations, all with a Zoolander quote on the side… Making it pretty much irresistible. Each incarnation has stepped up from the next, starting with a small amount of barrel ageing with whiskey and rum barrels to the current American oak- aged smokey stout. The one persisting feature is the smokiness: sweet, sweet cigar smokiness… Let’s see how the fourth steps up from its predecessors!

Style: American Oak- Aged Smokey Stout

ABV: 9.1%

IBU: 45

$$: $10- $12


Pours a jet black sheen with slight brown tinges on the edge. Fine tanned coffee mocha head.

On The Nose:

Massive peat and smoke initially with lots of tobacco, cedar, white pepper and star anise. Slight sweetness in the background: vanilla bean, coffee, cocoa and roasted nuts.


The palate is rich, smooth and smokey like a fine cigar. The oak ageing adds a great depth of flavour and complexity that can only come from American oak: vanilla, coconut and a certain ruggedness and and creamy, rich texture. The smoke and peat is prevalent through out with black pepper, tobacco leaf, cedar and walnut with plenty of sweet spice. Surprisingly, getting plenty of sweetness too: dark bakers cocoa, rich espresso, salted caramel, roasted oats and almonds with soft liquorice.

Final Thoughts:

A cracking new incarnation of the Black Lung. Smokey tobacco blended with rich American oak, this brew brings together some of my favourite attributes: whiskey and cigars. Not getting much alcohol either, just smooth, rich good times…


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