HopDog Beer Works Bingo Wings


HopDog has been rather elusive to me in the past, traipsing at the fringes of what I could get hold of… But finally, I have found some! These guys brew all the way up in Nowra on the south coast of NSW and are what would be considered a nano- brewery, brewing only 200 litres at a time (this may of changed by now, just going on what i’ve read…). So it’s pretty exciting to get hold of this fairly rare little gem.

So, a bit about this beer. As it says on the label this is ‘a nod to the fanatical “getting ready for summer” fads: toning down, bulking up and getting that bikini/ mankini bod in shape’. This beer is brewed with malted wheat,barley and oats, hopped up with Riwaka from New Zealand and spiced with orange peel and pink and white peppercorns. Something tells me I’m in for a treat…

Style: Wheat Beer

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 40 


Pours a bright, golden straw colour with generous fluffy white head.

On The Nose:

Lots of tropical fruits, juicy apricot and peach, almost like the juice in cans of tinned SPC peaches. Also getting lots of candied orange, sweet spice, juniper and black current leafy notes in the background.


The palate is packed with fresh stone fruits, fresh jammy marmalade, mango, passionfruit and sweet pineapple. Getting lots of toasty pepper, cereal and sweet honey too with  drying cereal/ farmhouse notes in the finish. The mouthfeel is rich, creamy and coating like passionfruit butter.

Final Thoughts:

In the immortal words of Olivia Newton- John, this beer is all about “Summer Lovin'” and let me tell you, it happened so fast….. Drinking it that is. Super fresh and deliciously fruit driven this is packed with  summer fruits you’d expect to find in a cocktail or a summer fruit salad: juicy orange, passionfruit, melon, jammy red fruits and sweet pineapple. Some really refreshing sourness and light drying cereal notes. This is going on my summer beer list. When the thermometer hits 30, the Bingo Wings is coming out…


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