Napoleone Brewery Visit!


Dropped by the newly opened brewery this afternoon to catch up with Ben Waymouth and he is pretty stoked with his new set up… Having done their final brew of their Breakneck Porter at Cavalier, all production will soon be moving to the Yarra Valley site.


The brewery is immaculate and running incredibly smoothly, with pretty much everything being automated. At the moment Ben is managing to do all production by himself with some great ideas in the pipeline coming up to spring/ summer.With all of his production being small batch, he is being kept on his toes in terms of consistency but is getting used to his new set up and is ready to riff. At the moment he is mashing about 400kg, doing 1800 litre at a time over three tanks.


This little bad boy, fresh from the tank behind it, is Ben’s next creation that is about to hit taps: an ESB of his own creation. Packed with heaps of Magnum and East Kent Goldings hops, pale malt crystal, medium crystal malt and Maris Otter this thing is English through and through. Sitting at about 5.1%, it is super fresh, great bitters from the Magnum hops and delicious malt. His next planned small batch will be a Munich Helles which he plans to have ready by the end of spring/ start of summer, along with a Pilsner.

The long term plan is to make easy, accessible, English style beers that aren’t overwhelmingly hoppy and something everyone can drink. It is a very clever way to go I think; with craft beer being only a new phenomenon in the Yarra Valley this is the clever way to go: make tasty, full flavoured ales the is accessible to everyone. I know where I will be going on my weekends now…



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