Exit Brewing #003 Milk Stout


I’ve been waiting to drink this for a while now. Ever since I had their first release, a Saison, I’ve been waiting with baited breath. Now we have number three, a Milk Stout. This is bound to be quality, but just at what level of quality? Awesome? Super Awesome or Mega Awesome? Let’s find out…

Style: Milk Stout

ABV: 5.2%



Pours a luscious, dark black with generous light tan head.

On The Nose:

Rich and smooth, it packs heaps of rum and raisin liquor notes with rich milk chocolate, vanilla bean and lots of fresh roasted oats with sticky treacle and almonds.


Silky smooth mouthfeel, deliciously rich and velvety all the way. The rum and raisin is back here with dark bakers cocoa, sticky vanilla, rich caramel and toffee with a drying, bitter espresso finish. Lots of macadamia, coconut and almonds too. All the notes are expertly integrated, brilliant balance.

Final Thoughts:

Exit have stepped up their game here. This is super delicious, really well balanced, really well integrated and brilliantly layered. Chock full of rich chocolate, vanilla, creamy caramel and fresh roasted oats with rum and raisin and a dry espresso finish. So, so good; this is one to keep in rotation.


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