Squealer Sunday!! presents Red Hill Brewery Imperial Stout 2014


I have always been aware of Red Hill Brewery but never paid too much attention, that is until I went to their Secret Stash this year… There, I was really able to sink my teeth into their wares. All barrel aged, all delicious. Now I associate three words with Red Hill: Rich, smooth and luscious. Their stouts and imperial stouts are just so smooth, so rich and delicious. On this cold Sunday evening, I can think of no better beer…

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 8.1%


$$: $24 a Squealer


Pours a dark, thick black with tanned head.

On The Nose:

Rich and creamy with some fantastic toasty malt and biscuit on the nose. Thick fudge, vanilla bean, cafe latte and sweet spice with almond, buttery walnut and sticky toffee.


The mouthfeel is beautifully rich, luscious, velvety and coats the mouth like silk. Packed with deliciously layered malt, you will find toasty biscuit and slight drying tobacco notes. Palate is packed with rich dark chocolate, roasted coffee, soft, chewy caramel with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Lots of roasted almonds and buttery walnuts with sticky toffee.

Final Thoughts:

This is why I now love Red Hill Brewery. This is so rich, smooth  and luscious, like slipping your palate into a silk slipper. The alcohol is finely balanced: it is there, spreading to your fingertips and toes like a warm hug, but it’s not overwhelming. I’m certainly not getting the 8.1% it says on the side of the bottle. Layered with some brilliant malt, you will find some tasty sweet morsels: soft, rich fudge, salted caramel and rich espresso with sticky praline and buttery walnuts. It is indeed a majestic Imperial Stout, just too good.


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