Brew Cult/ Magic Rock Salt Dick IPA



What’s not to love about what is going on here? A collaboration between Hendo (0f Hendo fame…) and Stu from Magic Rock in the UK, this IPA uses the brand new Australian hop Enigma and British Pilgrim hops. Label very tongue in cheek, it states “one foot of this beer is firmly planted in Australia with the other in England. Gravity takes care of the rest”. Are they saying this beer is going to tea- bag us? A face full of scrotum? It is indeed an unpleasant thought… But lets not dwell on nether regions! Beer ahoy!

Style: IPA

ABV: 6%



Pours a bright yolk orange with fluffy white head.

On The Nose:

Really complex, heaps going on. Getting heaps of candied orange, sherbet, melon, fresh peach, dried cranberries, baked blueberry pie and raspberry nettle. Getting some gamey, grassy, earthy and herbaceous notes in the finish.


Some good bitters balanced out with some great fruit driven notes: stewed apricot and peach, orange sherbet and red fruits. Lots of subtle, earthy forest floor characters too. The malt provides nice biscuity backbone.

Final Thoughts:

I got to say, I was a little underwhelmed by the palate here but found the nose stunning. I could not get my nose out of the glass: complex, intricate and fantastically layered. It is a cracker. The palate is nicely balanced like a delicious hoppy ale with great malt bill but ultimately does not live up to the nose. It is still a great IPA, very easy drinking and I would recommend this purely for the new hop variety. Perhaps I’m just too used to Hendos insanity brews…



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