3 Ravens The Druid


3 Ravens has seriously been on the rise lately. After a rather tumultuous time earlier in the year/ 2013 they were bought up by Mash brewing and given a second chance of living, a 1- Up if you will, and were able to continue their activities. And very lucky that they did. Winning the championship for small brewery at AIBA this year, they have released a slew of classic brews (the USB has seen the light of day again) and new brews. It is very obvious with this beer I’m about to look at, The Druid, that head brewer Adrian McNulty has pretty much lost his mind in the brewery and thrown caution to the wind. But that just simply excites me, especially after I heard this beer was coming out: A Belgian Quadruple aged in a Pedro Ximenez. What’s not to love?

Style: Belgian Quadruple

ABV: 11%



Pours a dark, murky brown with orange tinges on the edges. Off white cream head.

On the Nose:

Deliciously thick with fig, raisins, walnut, stewed plums and honey straight up thanks to the PX barrel ageing with elegant sweet spices like clove, star anise, candied ginger and nutmeg. Lingering ester notes in the background with light pepper notes.


Rich and velvety palate with lots of honey sweetness, fresh fig and boozy raisins with rich milk chocolate and roasted nuts. Mouthfeel is smooth, creamy and really sticky just like PX with lots of those sweet spices coming through. The Belgian ester shines through with lingering banana and bubblegum notes.

Final Thoughts:

This beer is absolutely outstanding, just incredible. Easily hands down my number one brew of the year at the moment. It does help that I’m a massive fan of Pedro Ximenez though. The barrel ageing is used to full effect here, everything I love in PX sherry: heaps of honied figs, juicy, boozy raisins and great sweet spice notes with lots of milk chocolate. The Belgian Quadruple style works brilliantly with the PX, adding some great depth and complexity thanks to the yeasty ester notes. I just want to keep drinking this, I’m getting no alcohol…. Go out and get yourself one now because these barrels were on lease and may never be brewed again!!!


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