BrewDog Jack Hammer (UK)


BrewDog have always flown in the face of what they deem “mediocre”. Their “punk” philosophy has always been a bit much to me and frankly pretentious, but i usually let their beer speak for them and not their pretentious drivel of press releases… Their beer to me is always good; great brewing standards, bold and out there styles and super tasty. Lets see what their interpretation of the west coast IPA holds.

Style: IPA

ABV: 7.2%



Pours a bright golden yellow with orange tinge and find white head.

On the Nose:

Crackingly bold and fresh with heaps of candied orange, juicy nectarine and apricot backed up with heaps of fresh, floral pine.


Bitter, bitter chewy resin with a plethora of freshly crushed pine needles. Packed with sweet pineapple, juicy lime and baked apricot. The finish really lingers with pine, resin and a steely flint note with a dry, puckering finish that leaves you wanting more.

Final Thoughts:

This is what IPA is all about! Bitter resin, tonnes of freshly picked tropical fruit, stone fruit so intense it feels like the juice runs down your chin and puckering, dry citrus. The finish is just incredible, it just won’t leave! Lots of freshly cut pine needles, sappy resin and a minerally, flinty finish. Cracking job BrewDog!


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