Squealer Sunday!!! presents: Murrays Punk Monk


Been hanging out to try this for a while and being Squealer Sunday and the amazing weather we had today, it seemed like the perfect time to crack some Tru Bru… To me, Murrays is one of the great entry level craft beer producers. It is a fantastic place to start and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone getting in to craft beer. Lets see what this Belgian strong ale has in store…

Style: Belgian Strong Ale

ABV: 7.5%



Pours a bright golden orange with fine white head.

On the Nose:

Lots of floral and muscat notes with peach, apricot and soft- ester tropical fruits. Dried raisins, figs, honey and roasted nuts with vanilla in the background followed with some biscuit lees characters.


Lovely sweet, floral characters with honey and biscuit notes. Packed with juicy stone fruit and light lime citrus, vanilla and farmyard estery- yeast notes. Heaps of sweet spice: cinnamon, candied ginger and nutmeg. Finishing in a slight oaky with an impressive malt back bone.

Final Thoughts:

This beer was absolutely perfect for todays weather: lots of sunshine but still a chill on the air. It has a great boozy sweet alcohol quality to it with lots of honey and sweet spice, biscuit and a great malt back bone. It possesses the brewing prowess of Chow Yun Fat, the silky fluid, yet hard hitting skill of Donnie Yen and the sweet fun of Stephen Chow. A deadly, delicious combination…


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