Mash Copy Cat AIPA


I was very excited to see this on the shelf after hearing about its recent success at the Australian International Beer Awards for Champion Australian Beer. The beer is named so as a tongue in cheek reference to brewers brewing what is known as AIPA, American style India Pale Ale. Charlie Hodgson, head brewer of Mash basically wanted to play copy cat with the style and turn their Pale in to something big, brash and seriously hop driven. Also, the label is incredible, it pretty much catches the eye straight away. Awesome. Lets see what’s in store…

Style: American IPA

ABV: 6.8%



Pours a warm burnt orange copper with fluffy white head.

On the Nose:

This thing pops fresh tropical fruit, juicy orange, grapefruit and lime with fresh melon and nectarine. Some serious hop resin bitterness in the background, you can feel the burn in the back of the nostrils. You can tell this beast is ready to pounce on your palate and tear it to smithereens, like a newspaper…


Some serious, chewy bitter resin. It’s on the very boundary of getting out of control, it has latched on to your hand with its little claws and is kicking your palate with its back legs…. It’s like a mouthful of sticky pine needles, coating the entire mouth. It is then reeled back in with sweet pineapple, apricot, lime juice and a sweet elder flower note in the background which was completely unexpected. The malt backbone is strong, balancing out all the crazy resin, lots of toast and biscuit notes.

Final Thoughts:

This is one hell of a “west coast IPA” and deserves the accolade it has won. It is cleverly balanced, just when you think the resin is about to get out of control and run over you the sweet tropical fruits kick in with juicy citrus and some faint floral notes I did not expect. Elder flower? Where’d that come from? Its is a welcome addition though. Well done Mash, it is an absolute cracker.


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