Drop It Like a Stone….. In Berlin

An interesting take on Stones current situation by the guys at Beer and Whiskey Brothers.

I totally agree with this, some very mixed messages going on here. I really did not like the fact they launched an Indegogo campaign for brewery construction. They are asking for one million dollars but they still seem to think it pertinent to throw around the cash to drop a giant boulder on a bunch of beers and gather people to watch…. That doesn’t make much sense to me. It is a complete waste of funds.

Also it doesn’t make much sense to me in terms of what  craft beer actually is. To me, it has never been about a brewer being better than another. Where’s the community spirit? I don’t really think this beer bashing is founded…

Stone do have a certain penchant to be arrogant and self righteous, it’s written on their beers for god sake, but I think they have over done it here. This isn’t the kind of attention you want to draw, especially if you are trying to crack a new market.

Reel it in Stone and let your product speak for itself.

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