Abbey Collaby 2014: Barley Wine


Abbey Collaby has become something of a tradition during Good Beer Week, with all proceeds going to the Collingwood Childrens Farm. The idea was to put three brewers together (all from Abbotsford, relatively…) and brew something that the three together would never have brewed by themselves, coming up with some crazy ideas. In previous years they have done a smoked India Red Ale and an Imperial Stout with rum- soaked oak chips thrown in in fermentation. This year Moon Dog, Mountain Goat (Richmond) and Matilda Bay (via CUB, Abbotsford) have put together an American Barley Wine. This is literally the first Barley Wine I have ever tasted so I’m pretty excited to get into it….. Let’s roll!

Style: Barley Wine

ABV: 10.6%

IBU: 70


Pours a bright orange copper with fine off- white head.

On the Nose:

Getting lots of orange blossom, mango, marmalade, fig and sweet spices  and toffee. Packing a lot in there.


A hefty, rich and robust palate. Sticky honey and figs with rich caramel, toffee and Belgian candi sugar with light citrus rind bitterness. Dried fruits with grassy, spicy notes. It is fantastically boozy.

Final Thoughts:

This is a boozy, warming she- beast that flows to the very tips of your fingers. A surprisingly fruity nose of marmalade, orange blossom and mango with lingering nutmeg and cinnamon with lots of sweet honey. The palate is rich, sweet and large and in charge. Honey and fig with rich caramel and light candied citrus rind bitterness. Lots of sticky dried fruit notes finishing in spicy, grassy, leafy notes. I could not think of a better beer to be drinking on a cold night, if this is what Barley Wine has to offer I’m getting more of this!


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