Panhead Super Charger APA (NZ)

panhead apa

New Zealand craft beer is just going from strength to strength at the moment. Some of the best brews coming out at the moment are coming from across ‘the ditch’ and I know very few would disagree with me. Amongst this onslaught of incredible kiwi craft producers is Panhead Custom Ales. They are known for stripping their brews back and building them from the ground up again, just like a good mechanic, resulting in some very tasty beverages. I’ve been wanting to get hold of this for a while…

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.7%



Pours a warm golden orange with thick, fine white head.

On the Nose:

Very hop forward straight up: Lots of peach and apricot followed by some light, stewed tropical fruits with some fresh pine needles. Fantastic honey and malt background.


The malt jumps out on first sip. Great biscuit and fresh bread notes with a sweet, earthy manuka honey note. Lots of tropical fruit, grapefruit, peach and lime balanced out with some bitter, chewy resin.

Final Thoughts:

This is some very easy drinking, tasty APA. I just looked at my glass and realised it’s all gone. The sweet malt nicely balances out the formidable roster of hops, lots of fresh stone fruit and citrus finishing in more- ish bitterness. This beer would be amazing on tap…….. If someone sees it, tell me!!!


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