Dainton Family Brewing Grand Pappy’s Whip Imperial Red


Oh Dainton, does you madness know no end? Next in the ‘Estranged Series’ is this beast of an Imperial Red. The first thing you notice when looking at this bottle, after the label obviously, is a huge amount of sediment in the bottom. I could not believe the amount in it! It’s only an imperial red ale! How’d he do that? It intrigued me even more to drink it, and this is what i found….

Style: Imperial Red Ale

ABV: 7.7%



Pours a very dark, murky red- ish brown with generous off- white head.

On the Nose:

It is a dense assault on the senses. The first thing I get are thick, sweet Red Skins followed by raspberries, stewed plums and black currant, It is a cavalcade of dense, sticky fruit. Delicious.


Thick, sappy hops going on here. Heaps of red fruits like currents, cranberry and tart raspberry. Serious bitter resin, thick pine needle sap. Getting that sweet Red Skin note again.

Final Thoughts:

This is stupidly tasty. Sweet. sticky red fruits balanced out with sticky pine resin and tart raspberry. The note I love the most here are the Red Skins, I ate tonnes of them as a kid so this really appealed to me…. Getting literally none of the alcohol too which can be very dangerous for a beer sitting at 7.7%. I could drink this thing all night.


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