Edge Brewing Project/ Stillwater Finger Lime Saison


A collaboration from the up and coming Edge Brewing Project; a Danish/ Australian duo who have been putting out some cracking beers lately: Angry Pirate Rum and Oak IPA, Cool Hops and their other collab with Frankie’s Pizza, Slaytanic Swill Blood Red Ale. Then you got Stillwater Artisanal: Masters of their off- beat, funky domain….. Kings of the castle if you will. Chuck in some Australian native finger limes and you have one interesting concept for a very cool Saison! A lot of love has gone into this: all the finger limes have been peeled by hand for their spritzy zest and steeped to extract all that oily aroma goodness then the beer is cold conditioned. Can’t wait to have a taste…

Style: Saison

ABV: 5.5%



Pours a bright, cloudy yellow with fluffy white head.

On the Nose:

Lots of funky farmhouse yeast, forest floor and wet leaf characters. Getting all aspects of the finger lime here, flesh and rind. Juicy yet restrained, cleverly used. It is an absolutely intoxicating aroma. Getting some light stone fruits too.


Some great malt notes coming through: wheat, biscuit and bready/ lees characters. Getting lots of lime citrus which seems to contribute to the dryness and sourness with green apple acidity and fresh melon. Some light sweet spices and juniper too.

Final Thoughts:

This is fresh, funky and a very quaffable Saison, so easy. It would be very easy to drink a six pack of this and not even think about it on a summers day. Fresh, juicy lime balanced with bready/ lees characters with malic acidity and fresh peach. There is no other way to explain other than to say “yummy”, this is yummy Saison.


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