Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (California, USA)


I gotta say, it is kind of an honour to be able to drink this. This beer is one of many of Jamil’s prize winning home brews, and the first he ever entered into a competition. It earned him a slew of awards and really inspired him to take his brewing to the next level. At first he was hesitant to release this, but after many test brews on a commercial level we are able to see humble beginnings turned into something the is just spectacular. It’s a freezing winters night out there and there is nothing better… Its porter time.

Style: Porter

ABV: 7.0%



Pours a very dark, rich brown with fine, creamy mocha head.

On The Nose:

Super rich with lots of toasty hazelnut, milk chocolate, vanilla and sweet biscuit with a hint of coconut.


Velvety, rich and super smooth on the way down. Thick, rich milk chocolate, lots of toasted hazelnut, vanilla and an espresso bitterness in the background.

Final Thoughts:

This is like drinking a glass of Nutella or melted Ferrero Rocher. It is just absolutely delicious, I could keep drinking this all night. Rich, smooth and velvety, this is like what satin would be if it was a drink. Obviously, it is predominately sweet but it has some lingering coffee bitterness in the background to make sure the beer isn’t cloyingly sweet. I would expect nothing less from the great Jamil, this is truly stunning. No wonder you cleaned up with this…


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