Dainton Family Brewery Insane Uncle IPA


Dan (Dainton head brewer) is a bit of a mad man when it comes to brewing with some fairly crazy and out there recipes. His current core range is just delicious and among my favourite in the aussie craft brewing scene, at the top of the list being the Red Eye Rye. Spicy, hoppy and seriously layered, it packs a lot into its small alcohol percentage. You can just sit there and sip and just taste it changing, it’s incredible. Now comes the ‘Estranged Series’, a series with rather (e)strange(d) family members that look like they are from the album cover of a Slayer album… Let’s see what Dan has in store for us this time!

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.2%



Pours an orange copper with large, fluffy white head.

On The Nose:

The nose has some serious punchy, funky hop characters here: pungent tropical fruit and zesty, juicy citrus, stone fruits, passion fruit and fantastic, fresh pine and slight resin.


Some awesome bitterness, really great sticky resin that sticks to and coats the mouth. Quite oily and really lingers on the palate. Balanced out with some sweet tropical fruits and biscuit malt characters.

Final Thoughts:

Dainton has basically made an IPA on steroids here… Everything that is great in IPA’s is accentuated: the nose is all about pungent hop characters and tropical fruit, apricot and passionfruit with juicy citrus. The palate is a resin- ed up pine fest, great sticky resin that coats the mouth and feels like an oil slick….. In a good way. Balanced lightly with pineapple, tart stone fruit and sweet malt biscuit. This is what IPA is all about…. Dan the Man has done it again! You crazy so and so…..


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