Amager Bryghus/ Cigar City: Xiquic and The Hero Twins (Denmark)


Saw this on the shelf, saw who the collaborators were and it was a very easy sell: Cigar City and Amager Bryghus. Cigar City are very well known for their off beat style of brewing and, taking advantage of Tampa Bay’s rich tobacco history, they use off beat ingredients: cedar, tobacco, chilli and cinnamon, really taking in the rich Latin culture. Amager Bryghus are a Danish microbrewer who have really been making waves, producing some excellent Black IPA’s and stouts so brewing this style with Cigar City seems like an absolute no brainer….

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.0%



Pours a deep black with brown outer tinge. Head is a thick coffee brown.

On The Nose:

Lots of cherry wood and cedar notes with rich tobacco and pepper. Rich, dark bakers cocoa with sweet caramel undertones and kirsch.


The palate is super smooth, rich and velvety. Getting lots of rich cigar leaves, cedar wood and black pepper. Some surprising sweetness too: Dark chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

Final Thoughts:

The nose is an absolute knock out, the absolute high light for me. Could not take my nose out of the glass, just incredible. Heaps of rich cigar tobacco, cherry and cedar wood and spicy pepper balanced out with dark bakers cocoa and kirsch. This beer is incredibly unique, complex and just really well balanced. I could very easily imagine me enjoying a Cuban cigar or a whiskey with this, it just begs for it…


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