I’ll Drink To That #2: TimeOut Melbourne Pub Awards

Todays ‘I’ll Drink To That’ comes via TimeOut 2014 Pub Awards

It is so awesome to see so many people dedicated to the Craft Beer Cause being rewarded for their fine efforts.

For me, it just highlights just how great the industry is and how many people are genuinely passionate about craft beer and promoting it. It also shows just how significantly quality has increased due to demand. Customers want a better product and, thanks to the efforts of these guys, they know where to get it. Tastes are improving, palates are maturing and people are on the look out for something they haven’t seen before, a point a difference. CUB is no longer what people want now, they want local and they want fresh and above all, they want delicious. It’s great to see this development and I hope it keeps going strong.

Everyone of these people are to be commended for all their hard work, and with these people leading the craft beer scene in Melbourne, it can only go from strength to strength. There’s no stopping craft beer now!






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