Stone Levitation Ale (California, USA)


If you have never heard of Stone Brewing, it is very obvious to me that you have been living under….. Well, a stone.

At the top of the craft beer market in the USA and fierce advocates of beer freshness, they have been outspoken and fierce fighters of Grey Market beers and brewers of some of the worlds most renown beers. Lets see what this ale of ales holds.

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 4.4%



Pours a red amber/ orange with fine white head.

On the Nose:

Some good, fresh malt, cereal and honey notes with some great red fruit and stone fruit notes. Lots of currant, cranberries and apricot.


Fresh, crisp and clean, it’s full of fantastic biscuit notes with plenty of red fruits and toffee coming through. Great lingering pine bitterness in background balanced by the fantastic hop freshness: currant, raspberry, peach and apricot. Lingering honey sweetness in the background.

Final Thoughts:

After drinking this the greatness of Stone of indeed founded, they are truly masters of freshness. This is everything an ale should be with all the right components and balanced meticulously. It is incredible how much flavour they have managed to cram into 4.4% abv. This is by far one of the most sessionable beers I have ever had, i could keep drinking this forever and ever and ever….


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