I’ll Drink To That….. #1: Sessionable IPA??

Tell you what, the internet is a big place and I am forever finding something new to get excited about, beer related of course. ‘I’ll Drink To That’… is a little piece that i’ll occasionally  write when I find something awesome, new and upcoming or if someone is up to some awesome high- jinx or has something interesting to say or share. The craft beer scene is an ever growing behemoth and there is so much going on, this is a small snap shot of some of the awesomeness that is going on out there, peoples thoughts, ideas and what people are up to.

My first one comes via the twitter account of The Alehouse Project:



When I read this I did an awesome fist pump into the air al a The Breakfast Club. I could not agree more with this and I think this is one of those things that a lot of people think but just haven’t been saying.

To me an IPA should not be in any way ‘sessionable’, a term I would only deem to refreshing ales or crisp, fresh Saisons; those sort of beers. If you were to drink an awesome IPA, I personally think you should only be able to get through two or three maximum. It should be chewy piney resin from the addition of all the hops, an abv that starts at least at 6.5% and an IBU kicking off at at least 45- 50. This is what is meant to be standard for an IPA, anything less is by definition just a hoppy ale.

So please, please, please breweries: Stop labelling your hoppy ales ‘sessionable’ IPA’s! It’s okay to call it a hoppy ale, people will still buy it. People love fresh, hoppy, accessible ales. It should be a staple of any good brewery. I’m not saying these ‘session’ IPA’s aren’t tasty, they are, they just aren’t IPA’s…


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