Garage Project: Mecha Hop (NZ)


Very, very excited to finally come by this as I saw it at GABS and never got around to it, along with its swamp monster like brother: Umami Monster. The artwork alone is enough to buy this bottle!! This Mecha Godzilla- like 100% industrial process ale is brewed with vacuum evaporated pure dry malt extract and CO2 hop extracts. Processed up the ying- yang, this beast, as the Garage Project puts it is ‘the modernist dream at its unheeding and arrogant best.’ I cannot be more excited to be drinking this!! Lets get in to it…

Style: Industrial Process Ale

ABV: 10%

IBU: 100+ 


Pours a light red copper amber colour with mahogany tones. Generous fine white head.

On the Nose:

Mecha- hop resin. Thick with pine needles, juicy pineapple with lots of rum soaked stone fruits and heaps of citrus. Lingering notes of passionfruit in the background and sweet malts.


Surprisingly fresh and crisp for an over 100 IBU, 10% ABV beer. Packed with fresh pine bitterness, burnt toffee sweetness and fresh tropical fruits with hints of candied ginger. Great sticky sugar notes coating the mouth. Dangerously drinkable for such high alcohol.

Final Thoughts:

God damn, they’ve done it again… This brew is everything I have come to expect from the Garage Project. Heaps of sugar sweetness working with crazy bitterness, this industrial processed ale packs a serious punch. You barely get any alcohol in this until it’d too late… Extremely balanced and well made, this is the pinnacle of the Garage Projects madness.


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