Squealer Sunday!! presents Sixpoint: Spice of Life- Ella (Brooklyn, USA)


Sixpoint really know how to handle their hops and having nothing but respect for the humble cone. Their IPA’s and Ales are a true hop Tour de Force; everything I have had from them is a mechs of pine and hop resin, tropical fruit and awesome bitterness.

It would make sense then for them to release a series of single hop IPA’s which is what the Spice of Life series is all about. Every month, Sixpoint will release a single hop IPA with the same malt bill, yeast strain and fermentation; the only difference is the hop strain, putting the hop profile on show. So, let’s see what Ella has in store for us…

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.3%



Pours an orange/ apricot copper with fluffy white head.

On the Nose:

Lots of earthy/ forest floor pine notes with peach and apricot followed by lots of sweet tropical notes of pineapple and grapefruit. Also getting some pungent spice: white pepper, notes of juniper and lots of star anise.


White pepper and leafy notes with slight leathery/ forest floor notes. Bit of resin, carrying on the palate with tropical fruit and sweet spices all the way through.

Final Thoughts:

A great example of a single hop IPA. Once again, Sixpoint have handled their hops deftly and with brilliance. Ella is completely on display here in all her delicate, beautiful and subtle glory. There’s nothing to hide here and I love it. It’s great brewing and a great educational tool for those wanting to really understand their hop profiles. I love to drink, I love to learn and with this i can do both!!! It’s the best of both worlds…


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