8 Wired Brewing: iStout (NZ)


It is the perfect night for a stout and what better than this bad boy. I’ve heard a great deal about it and not to mention 8 Wired is an award winning, prestigious brewery. Also, I’m completely surprised they haven’t been sued by Apple yet, haven’t they copyrighted the ‘i’ yet?? Anyway, it’s stout time…

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 10%



Pours a deep, dark black with mocha, coffee head.

On the Nose:

Delicious roasted coffee notes, malt, vanilla and sweet milk chocolate. Full and rich, it’s also got some surprising hoppy fruit notes too.


Smooth, rich and creamy mouthfeel. It is full of luscious milk chocolate, roasted coffee, vanilla and incredibly sweet, warming alcohol with a roast malt finish. The sweetness and bitterness balances wonderfully, the bitterness just lingers in the background, supporting the fantastic sugar sweetness. Some lingering raisin and date notes in the mix too.

Final Thoughts:

I have heard a lot about this beer and had high expectations going in and I gotta say, it blew my high expectations out of the water. This is the sweetest, most balanced and delicious Imperial Stout I have ever had. I’m hardly getting any alcohol in this, just luscious milk chocolate, fresh roasted coffee, vanilla and roasted nuts with a fresh sticky date pudding in the background. The nose has some great hop florals, milk chocolate and fantastic, rich espresso with raisins and dates. This officially tops my stout list right now, just and incredible beer.


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