Prairie Artisan Ale: Birra Farmhouse Ale (Oklahoma, USA)


Seeing these guys finally hit Australian shores makes my heart sing and wallet lighten… Prairie are the Kings of the farmhouse style, a favourite style of mine and one I hope will begin to get the recognition it deserves. To me, the next two hot styles are farmhouse and Saison,  with Saison currently  in the lead. Although similar styles, both have unique differences. What I love about farmhouse is that you don’t quite know what to expect, every one of them is different and that to me is just very exciting. Lets see what this bottle of farmhouse mystery holds…

Style: Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 4.5%



Pours a murky, pale lemon curd colour with generous white head.

On The Nose:

It’s all farmhouse here… I’m getting a great, freshly stewed apple note with juicy lemon and funky, stewed stone fruits like apricot and peach. Some lingering sweet spices in the background: cinnamon, nutmeg and candied ginger.


Super fresh palate. Getting lots of fresh lemon curd, juicy apple, apricot and white nectarine. Finishes with cereal notes, toast and honey with a dry malic finish.

Final Thoughts:

This is some serious quality farmhouse… Really well balanced and very complex, it carries funky yeast, fresh fruits, sweet spices and fresh baking and interweaves it spectacularly. There is nothing overwhelming here, everything plays together nicely…. And I absolutely love the pour, the colour is spectacular. Really hoping to see more of their stuff about.


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