Black Dog Brewery: Estate Hop Saison


Black Dog is quickly becoming one of my favourite breweries going around. Having sampled a few of their other brews including the Hell Hound IBA and Howling Ale, that cute little black dog on the label to me has become synonymous with absolute quality. This hop estate Saison uses estate grown Cascade as well as  locally grown Topaz hops. This baby is the Black Dog interpretation of the farmhouse style…

Style: Farmhouse Saison

ABV: 6.8%



A pale, golden honey with generous white head.

On The Nose:

Funky, fruity esters up front. Lots of tropical fruits, lemon curd, grapefruit and slight coriander with a vinous note similar to Pinot Gris of a dry Riesling.


Great interplay between the funky, fruity yeast and bitter hops. Lots of lemon pith up front with lime, grapefruit and pineapple, lots of tart acidity. Finishes in funky farmhouse cereal/ biscuit and vegetal notes with  serious dryness and bitterness.

Final Thoughts:

A very cool, interesting interpretation of the French/ Belgian farmhouse style. I loved the nose on this: great lemon curd notes, stone fruits, citrus and a vinous, white wine quality. The palate packed quite a dry punch and tart acidity from the hops and yeast. Lemon pith, citrus and drying cereal notes in finish. There is some sourness in there, balanced with the dryness and acidity. Lots going on, lots to think about. Hits all the classic palate spots: sweet, sour, acidity and a slight meaty/ farmhouse all interplay cleverly. A thinking mans Saison…


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