Heretic Torment (California, USA)


To me, Heretic is up there amongst the best. The best of the best, period. When i came by this, with its beautiful wax seal, it was a very easy sell. A specialty release, this Belgian Dark Ale is the counter part of ‘Worry’, a golden Belgian style. All hail Jamil, all hail the King….

Style: Belgian Dark Ale

ABV: 10%



Very dark brown/ amber with off white head.

On The Nose:

Really boozy. Dried fruits, kirsch, dark fruits like plum and black berries with toffee/ caramel/ burnt sugar notes.


Some really interesting, funky, fruity yeast notes. Dried fruit/ kirsch notes linger on the palate. Heaps of berries, caramel and rich malt in the finish with toffee apple, burnt orange and pear tart tartin.

Final Thoughts:

This Belgian is layer upon layer, extremely complex. Packed full of dried fruits, kirsch and delicious caramelised fruits like toffee apple, pear tart tartin and burnt orange. Lots of rich malt, Belgian candi sugars and just all kinds of amazingness, not to mention balanced meticulously. Just really well made.


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