Boat Rocker- Misfit


Was pretty psyched to come by this little gem. Ever since they got onto the prestigious Experienceit beer list I’ve been keeping an eye out for just about any of their stuff. Packed with Belgian malt, old school hops and an imported yeast strain from the Ardennes, this hoppy ale was an awesome idea on this rainy, dreary day…

Style: Hoppy Belgian Ale

ABV: 6.2%



Pours a hazy golden with a fluffy white head.

On The Nose:

The yeast really jumps out on the nose along with honey, poached apple, banana and farmyard notes with sweet spices. Also has an unmistakable vinous quality.


The hop notes start playing out here. Stone fruits, melon, mango and light citrus. After initial fruit the classic Belgian yeasty, lees-y character comes back. Farmyard floor, banana, poached fruit and vegetal notes. Quite fresh for a Belgian ale, I gotta say…

Final Thoughts:

This beer comes out the wrong way on the nose and palate, and that seriously excites me to no end… The nose is Belgian packed, then the palate gives some fresh, fruity hop character and finishes how you would expect with a Belgian ale: farmyard and lees. I expected it to be the other way around: hop nose and Belgian palate.  As it says on the label, this beer really does not belong to any style and is an experiment of the most awesome capacity. It is literally the best of both worlds.


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