Squealer Sunday!! presents: Founders Porter


I’m pretty excited about this weeks squealer. Voted 4th best beer in the world at ratebeer.com: Founders Porter. I’ve had quite a bit of Founders stuff, but the opportunity to have it fresh off tap was just way too enticing to pass up.

Style: Porter

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 45


Pours a beautiful, silky, sexy black with fluffy tan brown head.

On The Nose:

Rich chocolate, coffee, vanilla and burnt toffee and a rich, roasted malt profile.


Super smooth, rich and velvety. The malt profile is just incredible: fantastic roasty characters with coffee, bakers cocoa and chewy caramel. Really lovely bitterness in the finish, like a perfectly extracted espresso.

Final Thoughts:

This beer certainly deserves the number four spot. This is a luscious, rich and robust porter packed with rich espresso, chocolate and a malt profile out of this world. As it comes to room temperature the profile sweetens up, adding in more rich caramel and chocolate. Outstanding.


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