Coedo ‘Beniaka’- Imperial Sweet Potato Amber


Japanese craft beer is something of a new phenomenon to me. I’ve had plenty of craft, except from Japan. From what i understand of Japanese brewing they aren’t huge on hops, where their real strength lies is malt. This is very evident in my little experience of Japanese brewers: This year at GABS when i tried Coedo and Coronado’s collab, which was sensational. My other comes from Baird and their Rising Sun Pale Ale which is, in my opinion, a fantastic pale. And that’s where it stop… Until now.

Style: Sweet Potato Amber

ABV: 7.0%



Deep, dark amber red with fine white head.

On The Nose:

Fresh roast malt, with caramel and sweet spices. Got a bit of nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. The sugars from the sweet potato come out too, giving a candied sweet potato nose.


Layered with lots of malt character: toast, biscuit and caramel. The sweet potato balances really well with all the malt, the sweet potato (obviously) gives a great candied sweetness to the whole profile. Literally tastes like roasted sweet potato.

Final Thoughts:

A was very pleasantly surprised. An odd sounding, very well crafted and balanced beer. The malt and sweet potato inter- weave beautifully, making it a fascinating and delicious drink. Love the sweet potato, it is the stand out note here and sends itself spectacularly to the amber style.


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