Heretic: ‘Shallow Grave’ Porter (California, USA)


Jamil Zainasheff, the rock star of the home brewing world and author/ co- author of several home brewing books, has been commercially brewing for about four years now and has been going from strength to strength. Where his great strength and passion lies is his brewing to style and educating the home brewer in style. This is evident in all of his brews, including this: a perfect specimen of a Porter.

Style: Porter

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 33


Pours a deep, dark brown with light hazelnut head.

On The Nose:

Rich vanilla, like from a whiskey barrel. Lots of chocolate fudge, toffee and coffee.


Lovely, rich, creamy mouthfeel. The rich vanilla- whiskey barrel note really comes through on the palate too. Gooey chocolate and burnt caramel along with a rich shot of espresso to finish it off.

Final Thoughts:

A delicious, smooth, rich Porter. Absolutely perfect for a winter evening, very warming alcohol that really takes the chill out. This baby will appeal to just about everybody. It’s extremely well balanced, so you aren’t being overwhelmed with any other note, it just melds together perfectly. I’ll be picking this one up again as the temperature continues to drop.


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