Moon Dog: Perverse Sexual Amalgam (AUS)



Moon Dog, the Kings of “that’s insane, why would you do that?*Drinks* Oh God! It is genius and works on every level!” (it’s a long title…) are at it again. The boys just have this great reputation of doing it different and just nailing it. Ever since i heard about this new release of the infrequently brewed PSA, I couldn’t wait to get hold of it. Aged in oak for 5 months with cherry plums, it is gettin’ seriously kinky….

Style: Black Wild Ale with Cherry Plums

ABV: 6.1%

IBU: 14


Black…….. Little off white head.

On the Nose:

The sourness from the brett jumps out with the cherry plums. Very wild and funky with some florals.


Sour, tart and funky. The cherry plums are the real driving fruit force here with hints of muscat in there and a great puckering sourness in the background, carrying it all. Finishes off dry with bakers cocoa and dark chocolate.

Final Thoughts:

Just makes me want to clamp jumper cables to my nipples and dip my junk in hot wax…… When I drink Moon Dog this is exactly the thing i expect, something completely from left field and different. Cleverly made, really well balanced and utterly unique; this is a fun, funky brew with a lot to think about. Hits all the right spots and really lives up to its name.



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