Magic Rock: Circus of Sour (UK)


(In my best impression of the Bioshock Infinite store vendor…)Come one! Come all! To the Circus of Sour!

Not only is this my first growler but it’s also from Magic Rock, a great up and coming brewer from the UK and it’s a sour! It ticks all the right boxes for me!

Style: Berliner Weisse

ABV: 3.5%



Pours a lovely, deep lemon curd with solid white head.

On The Nose:

Nice sourness and spice with light touches of fresh peach and white grapes.


Lovely, crisp white grape acidity with well rounded sourness from the Brettanomyeces which is fermented in the malt. Refreshing mineral sweetness with citrus bringing in some tartness.

Final Thoughts:

Every aspect of this contemporary take on the sour wheat style is meticulously balanced and extremely refreshing, not to mention stupidly sessionable, coming in at on 3.5%. Soft tropical fruit, wheat and the sourness from the Brett just makes this an absolute cracker. I can’t even think if circus puns because I’m so distracted by the deliciousness of this beer!


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