What the Duff??

Yeah, so this is happening…. http://www.smh.com.au/national/health/duff-beer-labelled-dangerous-by-australian-medical-association-20140524-zrn9l.html

For those that know me personally, you know how much of a fan I am of The Simpsons. Their social satire, scathing references to pop culture and the plight of the middle class has kept me in stitches for many a year. But i have to say, this is going too far. If you happened to read Matt Kirkegaard’s piece on brews news, you too would be dumbfounded by the press release sent to him also:

“Hey Matt,

As promised I’ve enclosed a couple of cans of DUFF BEER for you.

Just a note with regards to Duff, whilst the connection is apparent, we would request that you to take caution when referencing Duff Beer back to The Simpsons. We want ensure we are not promoting the brand to a younger audience. But feel free to post anything about the beer on social media pages. (emphasis in original)”

What the hell?? Not only is the very idea of Duff Beer synonymous with The Simpsons but who watches The Simpsons? Who would recognize a can of Duff on a shelf and want to drink it? Who would love nothing better than to emulate one of pop cultures greatest phenomenon in the past 25 years? A younger audience!

The sole reason of buying Duff is that Duff is on the can. It is apparent that whoever is spruiking this nonsense knows this could be an issue and are covering their arses but that doesn’t make it any better, it makes them ignorant. Also, they don’t really seem to care about the link between Duff and The Simpsons themselves, its trademarked on the side of the can. According to the NHMRC, by the age of 14, 90% of students have already tried alcohol. Also, over 80% of alcohol consumed by 14-17 year olds is drunk at high risk levels. They don’t need any more reason to drink.   


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