Rogue Farms: 7 Hop IPA (Oregon, USA)



Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 8.02%

IBU: 90

For when 6 hop varieties just aren’t enough…..

Have been a bit hesitant to buy Rogue ever since I heard about how they mistreat their staff ( but was very interested to get my hands on this small batch special effort. Whether the story is true or not, Rogue undoubtedly have had a hand in the contribution of the rise of craft beer and have influenced a great many brewers world- wide. So long story short: they have a habit of doing great beer. Also, packed with their own farm grown hops, how could i say no?


Cloudy amber/ gold- orange with fine white head.

On the nose:

lots of pine, resin and leafy characters with grapefruit, lime and plenty of pineapple thrown in.


The hops are really all on the aromatic side so you aren’t chewing on pine needles with this one. Still piney on the palate but very much fruit driven. Stone fruits, pineapple with plenty of citrus in the mix. Its got medium body with lingering pine in the finish. The aromatics really stick around, coating the palate.

Final Thoughts:

This brew is crazy aromatic. It has been made very cleverly to focus on the aromatic hop characters that are on offer. You get every IBU in this too, the finish offers great bitterness and still carries all that tropical fruit with a bit of chewiness. A cleverly made IPA for those that love aromatics.



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