BrewCult: ‘Get Down’ American Brown


Style: American Brown Ale

ABV: 5.8%


Fourth in the Psychedelic series, I was super excited to get hold of this new release from Hendo over at BrewCult. Ever since tasting the exceptional Pepper Steak Porter at GABS (which made my top 6….) I’ve been hanging out for any whisper for what’s to come, and as soon as i saw that funky new label on the shelf, i leaped on it. Brewcult have put something special in this bottle; smooth and funky, it would put James Brown to shame….


Very dark for a brown ale, bordering on dark stout. Creamy head.

On The Nose:

Packed with malt: dark chocolate, coffee, chicory and caramel with a good whiff of pungent hops.


Like the nose, this packs a great malt backbone. Lots of dark chocolate, toffee and coffee finishing in a lovely burnt orange and stone fruit note.

Final Thoughts:

Like the others in the series, this honky is a different beast. The malt is great in this, rich body and the centennial, chinook and cascade hops brings some fruit, toffee and resin to this smooth, jivin’ ale. I found this bordering on a black IPA. In the immortal words of the great James Brown, after drinking this: ‘I feel good, like a knew that i would.’


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