Type: Wheat Ale

Alcohol: 5.2%


Two Birds are unreservedly the Queens of delicious, ACCESSIBLE, craft beer. Brewing only two other beers: Golden Ale and Sunset Ale for commercial sale, they both hit the mark as sessionable craft beers. It’s very easy these days for brewers to forget the sessionable part when it comes to brewing, that’s where Two Birds fill the gap…

Pouring a clear, pale amber colour with a large white head you will find on the nose: lime zest, stone fruit, pineapple and coriander. As the name suggests, Mexican food all the way for this bad boy….. Anything with a bit of heat in it. Super clean, crisp and refreshing on the palate with the coriander and corn/ cereal malt notes really coming out as the beer starts to come to room temperature along with light tropical fruit notes.


Could not put this beer down and just wanted to go get some tacos or some thai food with a good whack of chili as i was drinking. A great starter for people who are wanting to get into craft beer. The lime, corn and coriander is incredibly well balanced and is very easy to drink, very sessionable.



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