Birra Del Borgo- Old Antonia




Type: Imperial Calvados Barrel Aged Ale

Alcohol: 11.2%

IBU: 42.2

The Look:

Pours a cloudy- ish amber orange with big head

On The Nose:

Amazing sweet apple cider note with peach and sherbet, cinnamon and burnt toffee apple all carried with a funky farmyard nose.


Very much the same as the nose. Toffee apple, cinnamon, dried fruits and a funky sour yeast note along with an apple/ malic acid bitterness.

Final Thoughts/ Other notes:

This beer is seriously funky. I was intrigued by the idea of Calvados aged ale and Birra Del Borgo did not disappoint, but I am a guy that digs anything a bit different. This is the closest thing to a ‘cider beer’ going around. Really well made and balanced, the notes from the Calvados oak barrels do not over power the beer and the yeast used tastes like it comes from a French farmhouse cider. Who would have thought?

For those who aren’t really sure, Calvados is apple brandy this was originally produced in Normandy, France. It is distilled from cider made with specialty apples. Fruit is harvested and pressed into juice and fermented into dry cider, distilled, then aged for two years minimum in oak.  



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